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Our company is specialized in manufacturing premium stainless steel bearings including large-sized types, ceramic bearings, plastic bearings, high-temperature bearings, slewing bearings and slew bearings, as well as agent for high-quality imported bearings, linear guide, oil sales and sealing elements in famous brands, all of which are mainly applied in motors, electric tools, transportation machinery, textile machinery, heavy machinery, metallurgical machinery, machine tools, medical devices, automobiles and water pumps. The Company boasts a batch of experienced professionals who are able to work out practical solutions to the technical problems in bearings and oil seals for users in order to deliver first-class technical services professionally.



Specialized in miniature bearing

High cost performance

Provide non-standard bearing


Lean manufacturing

Strict control

Guarantee quality with technology


Professional service team

Worry free after sale

Personalized service



Timely response

Guaranteed delivery date


Fangji bearing is widely used in micro motor, micro stepping motor, fitness equipment, automobile motor, household appliances, precision instruments, mechanical production equipment, medical equipment and other fields.