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Shanghai Fangji bearings are widely used in micro motors, micro stepping motors, fitness equipment, automobile motors, household fans, precision instruments, machinery production equipment, childrens toys, medical equipment and other fields.

Special materials

Stainless steel bearing

Material:AISI 420, AISI 440C, AISI 304, AISI 316L

Stainless steel V guide bearing
Stainless steel rod end and joint bearing
Stainless steel roller bearing
Stainless steel angular contact bearing
Stainless steel deep groove ball bearing
Stainless steel self-aligning ball bearing
Stainless steel thrust ball bearing
Stainless steel outer spherical bearing & stainless steel bearing housing
Precision stainless steel ball

Stainless steel bearings are widely used in various corrosion resistant products. Compared with ordinary chromium steel bearings, stainless steel bearings have stronger rust and corrosion resistance, heat-resistant stainless steel bearings can be used in the high temperature environment of -60℃ ~ + 300℃

The main application

Medical equipment, ship, low temperature engineering, optical instrument, high speed machinery, high speed motor, printing machinery, food equipment.

Characteristics of the

Precision grade:ABEC-1,ABEC-3

Bearing size: we can provide micro stainless steel bearings with a minimum inner diameter of 2mm as well as large thin stainless steel section bearings with an inner diameter of 600mm. We can offer all metric or Inch stainless steel bearings in this size range. In addition, special size stainless steel bearings can be customized according to different requirements, including stainless steel U groove and V groove.

Ceramic bearing

Material: Si3N4, ZRO2, SIC

Ceramic ball bearing
All ceramic angular contact bearings
All-ceramic plane thrust ball bearings
All ceramic outer spherical bearing
All-ceramic self-aligning ball bearings
Full ceramic tapered roller bearing
All-ceramic cylindrical roller bearings
All-ceramic flange bearing
Ceramic ball
Ceramic structure

There are two kinds of ceramic bearings: mixed ceramic bearings and all-ceramic bearings. The rolling body of mixed ceramic ball bearing is made of ceramic material, and the ring is made of chromium steel or stainless steel. The rolling body and ring of all-ceramic bearings are ceramic materials. Different ceramic materials have different properties, here is the introduction of ceramic materials and their properties.
Ceramic materials
Silicon nitride (Si3N4)
Zirconia (ZRO2)
Silicon carbide (Sic)
Peek bearing

Main applications of ceramic bearings:

Skateboards and bicycle wheels, turbochargers, aerospace equipment, machine tools

Characteristics of the

1. Bearing precision grade: ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5. In addition, some customers are concerned about ceramic ball grade. Generally, the grade of ceramic ball is divided into G3, G5, G10 and G16. The smaller the quantity is, the higher the precision grade is.

2. Bearing size: We can provide 2mm micro ceramic bearing with a smaller inner diameter and large ceramic bearing with an inner diameter up to 400mm.

3. Sealing form: Generally, all ceramic bearings are open without sealing, but we can provide ceramic sealed bearings with PTFE sealing.

Ceramic bearings have many advantages as follows:

1. High-speed bearing. In particular, for mixed ceramic bearings, the maximum speed can be up to 450,000RPM, which are mainly used in dental mobile phones and spindles.

2. High temperature ceramic bearing. Can withstand the highest temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius.

3. Anti-corrosion. The material itself has corrosion resistance, can be used in strong acid, strong alkali, mineral, organic salt, sea water, such as: electroplating equipment, electronic equipment, chemical machinery, shipbuilding, medical equipment and so on.

4, non-magnetic bearing: the characteristics of non-magnetic material is not vacuuming, can reduce bearing wear in advance, reduce bearing noise. Applications such as demagnetization devices, precision instrument fields.

5, electrical insulation bearing: because of high resistance, can avoid arc damage bearing, can be used for insulation of electronic equipment.

6. High-vacuum bearing: Due to the unique self-lubricating oil-free characteristics of ceramic materials, ceramic bearings can overcome the lubricating oil problem in ultra-high vacuum, which can never be realized in ordinary bearings.


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